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    With Google Flights , Google’s flight search engine, you can quickly and easily find cheap flights and search specific offers for available data. In this Google Flights Tutorial we present you all features and benefits!

    Lufthansa Airbus A380

    Google Flights is the best way to find and find the right data for which specific rates are available. For booking we recommend you continue momondo , as you will find the lowest prices. momondo offers compared to Google Flights a larger number of providers and thus usually a bit cheaper prices.

    How does Flight Search work with Google Flights?
    Basically, with Google Flights, as with any other flight search engine, you can search many different connections by entering the departure and destination airports. If you have entered both, you can use Google Flights to select a departure day and then receive a tabular overview of the prices for all return flight days.

    google flights calendar

    This is one of the most useful features of Google Flights, as it allows you to quickly and easily check the availability of specific prices and fares. So if you have found a great deal here on reisetopia and know in which travel period the offer is valid, you can use Google Flights to find out the exact dates on which the tariff is bookable.

    Conrad Bali Suite Pool
    With Google Flights you will always find suitable data for your desired flight

    If you are also flexible with the departure date, Google Flights can also help you find the best prices. With flexible travel data, the tool will show you the cheapest combination of departure and arrival dates in a timeframe of seven days.

    google flights flex

    However, compared to ITA Matrix , probably the best tool for searching for flights, Google Flights does not have the option of simply searching for a number of nights on the spot and thus showing the most favorable combination of departure and return date for a whole month , Also, a more specific search for specific routings and more precise constraints are not possible. For the best possible results, the ITA Matrix has a small advantage, but for most deals, Google Flights is also sufficient to find favorable dates.

    Also useful is the narrowing down of the results according to several criteria. So you can filter for individual airlines, stopovers or flight duration. Also a single selection of the aviation alliances is possible.

    google flights restrictions

    Once you have decided on departure and arrival times and installed any filters, you will see a long list of results showing various outbound flights. Here are the top removed the “best flights”, where Google in addition to the price also includes the transfer time and comfort.

    google flights results

    The prices are, unless otherwise stated, always for the return flight. If you have selected a one-way flight and have selected it by clicking on it, you will receive the entire ticket in the overview.

    What information can Google flights display?
    In addition, Google Flights is also particularly convenient due to the large amount of information displayed by the tool. So you see on a selected ticket in addition to the flight times and the executing company always the flight number and the type of aircraft and the seat pitch. Information about the entertainment system, the availability of WLAN and the power supply in the aircraft are also displayed. You will also receive information on the punctuality of the flight on Google Flights.

    google flights information

    However, some information is not available. For example, you will not find any information about the booking classes or the exact fare rules of the fare. These tell you about the ITA matrix the booking period or the minimum stay. In our flight deals , however, we generally relieve you of this work and always give you all the important information from the Fare Rules on the way!

    Google Flights also helps in finding goals
    In addition to finding flights where you already have a destination in mind, Google Flights can also help you find a destination for your trip. You always have to register for a departure airport. But you can certainly include several airports, Google Flights proposes you also on request also suitable airports in your area.

    Google Flights departure airports

    After you have made rough information about your travel period (example: weekends in October) will suggest suitable destinations.

    Google Flights Inspiration

    So you in the overview of both different goals as well as the associated prices and sample data. So you can be inspired depending on the price of your trip.

    Conclusion for the flight search with Google Flights
    Google Flights is a very fast and handy tool for finding cheap flights. It is particularly helpful if you want to find in a great deal, accurate data, where the low price is available. Although the tool has slight disadvantages compared to the ITA matrix, they are negligible for general use. With the combination of Google Flights and momondo you should always find the best fares in the future!

    Do you still have questions that we could not clarify in our tutorial? Write a comment or contact us via e-mail to!